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We Heart MultiValue

MultiValue is our passion. We eat, sleep and breathe it – regardless of platform.  Whether its D3, mvBase, OpenQM, Reality, UniVerse or UniData.

We can help you maximize and protect your MultiValue investment.

Google Cloud Platform

We host exclusively with Google.

Google Cloud Platform was engineered to handle the most intensive workloads on the planet. We leverage the same cloud infrastructure that allows Google to serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month, provide storage for over a billion Gmail users and services to more than 5 million businesses that have chosen G Suite and to return billions of search results in milliseconds.

PICK Professional Services

Need help with your PICK application? We know PICK! We have a network of developers with decades of PICK experience. We can do work on a  per project basis or per hour. Whichever is more convenient for you. We are database agnostic and can work on any MultiValue platform whether it be D3, UniVerse, UniData, Reality, OpenQM and more. You PICK it we know it!

OpenQM DBaaS

The first true MultiValue DBaaS for as little as $15 per seat per month! Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, all you need is an internet connection. All the infrastructure and licenses (including AccuTerm) is included.

Short Term Server Leasing

Short term leases for short term needs starting at just $10 per server per day! No long term commitments! Perfect for short term needs such as testing or development.


phiReport© is a suite of reporting tools based on the PICK/MultiValue DBMS. The application is built using AccuTerm GUI, allowing any Windows user with a current AccuTerm terminal emulator to define and generate attractive Excel worksheets from a graphical user interface. Reports can be saved in an Excel workbook, printed on any Windows printers, saved as a PDF, or e-mailed.

More About Us

Mission Statement – Our goal is to position Pick Cloud, Inc. as the leading database Cloud provider (DbaaS) for the MultiValue market and to be the trusted partner to the MultiValue community IT decision makers. All this being achieved while preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue applications through smarter processes and more efficient technology.


Pick Cloud has enabled us to focus on the important task of running our business instead of wasting our time focusing on technology. We moved our headquarters from California to Texas and never missed a beat!

Phil Deniston, President

Pick Cloud is perhaps the best decision we made when deciding to move to the cloud.  With few MultiValue cloud vendors to choose from, Pick Cloud was by far the most cost effective. We are beyond delighted with their service and attention to detail.  In addition to being incredibly easy to work with, Pick Cloud has saved us time, money and headaches.



Dennis Heit, CTO

We use OpenQM DBaaS to develop our application. Access and reliability is never an issue. We can focus on our application not the hardware behind it. The cost to start is minimal and we can scale our application and business as needed.


Nancy Calderone, CIO

Our decision to move to the cloud was the perfect solution to our rising support costs, aging machine, and complexity of securely connecting from a remote location.  Now we have state of the art hardware (and the improved speed that comes with it), predictable and consistent costs and we can securely connect from anywhere. Pick Cloud was the natural choice for taking us from our slow, aging Pick/MultiValue system to the cloud.


Steve Henkel, Director of Information Systems

We have been a client for over 8 years and have always been pleased with the support response times as well as the results of the projects they have helped us with. We are looking forward to working with them in the next phase in our business and moving our PICK application to the cloud!


Emily Kuraoka, EVP, COO
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