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We offer many great products and services to help you with your business. Have a look at some of our offering below.

MultiValue Cloud Hosting

Let us fully manage your system in the cloud. By us doing this for you, it enables your staff to spend less time troubleshooting and maintaining your system and standard system components. This means more time to improve business processes and innovation. Thus driving productivity, efficiency and adding more to your bottom line. Let us be an extension of your team.

Available on Windows and Linux.

OpenQM DBaaS

You can now purchase a fully managed hosted OpenQM license starting as low as $22 per seat per month. With it, you get a fully functioning copy of OpenQM with upgrades and reasonable levels of support, 2vCPU, 4GB memory, and 64GB of storage as well as a daily backup stored and more! All in a worry-free, cloud-hosted environment. No more purchasing hardware!

OpenQM documentation

phiReport Cloud Edition

Pick Cloud has partnered with 3phi Solutions to exclusively offer phiReport cloud edition in North America. phiReport© is a suite of reporting tools based on the PICK/MultiValue DBMS. The application allows any Windows user with a current AccuTerm terminal emulator to define and generate attractive Excel worksheets from a graphical user interface. Reports can be saved in an Excel workbook, printed on any Windows printers, saved as a PDF, or e-mailed.

phiReport documentation

Cirrus Print

CirrusPrint is designed to manage and streamline remote printing and document transfer between your cloud or remote computer systems and local printers and file storage systems.

CirrusPrint runs on Windows, Linux, and many Unix systems. To the local spooling system, it looks just like a set of network printers. Print jobs are sent to the server, and arrive quickly at remote printers. Or use it to distribute your documents safely and efficiently between systems in different locations.

More about CirrusPrint can be found here.

Rocket Software Databases

We specialize in MultiValue hosting and offer MultiValue software licenses for purchase from all the major vendors; including Rocket Software’s D3, mvBASE, OpenQM, UniVerse, and UniData databases. We also sell third-party products such as Anzio,  AccuTerm, and wIntegrate to enhance and extend your existing MultiValue application. Contact us if you would like more information or to purchase these products today!

What’s new in Rocket D3 video.

MultiValue Cloud Accredited

We are a founding member of Rocket Software’s MultiValue Cloud Accredited Partner Program. In order to qualify to be a part of this program you have to meet a list of requirements including the following:

  • SLAs for availability, updates, notifications, monitoring
  • Proficiency with MultiValue technologies
  • Track record of exceptional customer satisfaction
  • Datacenter redundancy
  • Security and compliance
  • ISP connectivity


We offer several services to preserve and rejuvenate your MultiValue application. See our services below.

Professional Services

Need to upgrade or make modifications or enhancements to your application? Want to take your application to the Web? We can do that. We have experienced PICK programmers on staff to help with any project you may have.

MultiValue Support

Are you a MultiValue account in need of support? We can help! We have relationships with all the major MultiValue vendors and have many years PICK support experience. We offer support 24×7.

Flexible Professional Services Pricing

Want to pay on a per project basis? We can do that! Want to pay per hour? We can do that too! We are very flexible and can work with you and your budget in a number of ways. Never pay for more time than you actually use. We bill in 15 minute increments. Contact us to find out more!

Get Started Today

We’d love to get started on your journey to the cloud. You can get started small with a backup server, or move your entire infrastructure to the cloud. We offer flexible package options to help. Need something else? Contact us and we’ll put together a custom proposal just for you!

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