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Disaster Recovery Options

We have disaster recovery options for every budget to starting over from scratch to the up to the minute hot backup. We can help you now before a disaster happens, or even after it does.

Restore from File Save

Restore your most recent file save in our Google cloud. We provision the server, install and set up your MultiValue database and restore your file-save. Services start at $99 depending on the level of effort. Servers start at $10 per day – no commitment required. Use it for as long or as short term as you need.

Cold Standby Server

We configure a server, install, and set up your MultiValue database, restore your most recent file save, ensure you can connect, verify that everything is working, then turn the server off. It is all set up and ready to go when you need it. Services start at just $99 (depending on our level of effort) and cold standby server prices start at $99 per month.

Hot Backup Server

Your hot backup server can be hosted on any continent and in any one of Google’s global Data Centers in 15 regions, in 45 zones, with over 100 points of presence, and with a well-provisioned global network with 100,000 of thousands of miles of fiber optic cable and is up to the minute with the latest transaction. Servers start at $299 per month.

Disaster Recovery Services

Have a plan in place and want to test it?  Want to verify your backups?  We can help!

Verify Your Backups

We can test and verify your backups for you. We provision a cloud server, verify your backup is working and then decommission the server. Easy peasy. You have peace of mind knowing your backup is valid. Starting at $99.

Test Your Disaster Recovery Plan

We can help you write and test your disaster recovery plan – from bare-metal restores to updating and testing your cold standby server to completely switching over to your hot backup server. Services start at $149.

Short Term Server Leasing

Short term leases for short term needs starting at just $10 per server per day! No long term commitments! Perfect for testing or development.

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