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Nice Rack!

“Nice rack.” We get that compliment a lot these days. Within these racks lies the promise of flexibility, reliability, redundancy, and security. More so than what can be done on-prem by an average SMB.


According to Gartner the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. This amount can vary, due to the differences in how businesses operate. On the low end, downtime can be as much as $140,000 per hour, or on average as much as $300,000 per hour or on the high end, $540,000 according to Gartner analyst, Andrew Lerner. Gartner also states that as many as 43% of SMBs shut their doors after a major data loss and 51% go out of business within two years.

Google has 99.999% uptime which equates to just 5 minutes of downtime per year. How often does your on-premise server go down or you are without power or Internet? With the cloud, you can access anywhere, anytime – 24/7/365.

Flexibility – Pay only for what you use

You can increase and decrease resources on a server at any time so you are not stuck paying for something that you aren’t using. Pay only for what you use in a predictable monthly fee. On-premise scaling up requires additional equipment and you cannot reduce costs if scaling down is needed. This is especially important so your system can grow with you and you aren’t heavily investing in resources you aren’t using, thinking you will grow into them.


We covered this in our last blog. You can view it here.

Our Racks

If you want to see our racks in their full glory, click here.

Why choose Pick Cloud to help you with your cloud journey?

We aren’t just another pretty face. We have been helping MultiValue customers just like you move to the cloud since we started this business in 2012. We know the ins and outs of hosting PICK/MultiValue applications. MultiValue is literally in our DNA.

Being small has its advantages. Lower overhead means lower costs for you. And, you won’t be another faceless name in a sea of thousands. You get first-class personalized support from a name you can trust. We are Rocket Software MultiValue Cloud accredited partners as well as a Google Cloud Partner and the first to offer a true MultiValue Database as a Service with OpenQM. We also have the North American exclusive to offer phiReport cloud edition. With our combined decades of PICK/MultiValue experience as well as our Google certifications and experience with navigating the GCP environment, we are very prepared to help MV clients navigate their cloud journey with a secure, compliant, low latency, global, lower-cost solution.

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