We offer a variety of options for every business size. We can manage every aspect of your PICK application. If there is a problem, we will know before you do. We provide 24x7 support, automatic backups, PICK support and more!


Why choose the cloud?




We offer MultiValue software licenses for purchase from all the major vendors. We also sell third party products to enhance and extend your existing MultiValue application. Contact us if you would like more information or to purchase these products today!


OpenQM DBaaS


You can now purchase a fully managed hosted OpenQM license starting as low as $15 per seat per month. With it, you get a fully functioning copy of OpenQM with upgrades and reasonable levels of support, AccuTerm 7, 1 vCPU, 4GB memory and up to 60GB of storage as well as a daily backup stored and more! All in a worry free, cloud hosted environment. No more purchasing hardware!






AccuTerm 7 is the leading high performance 32 bit communications software for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (AccuTerm 7 is also compatible with Windows XP SP2, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008). AccuTerm has always been the technology leader in terminal emulation and now leads the way with an updated user interface, GUI development environment, full OLE/Active-X support and VBA compatible scripting language.


Pick Cloud, Inc. is an authorized AccuTerm reseller.


CirrusPrint™: Efficient Cloud and Network Printing from Synergetic Data Systems, Inc.


CirrusPrint is designed to manage and streamline remote printing and document transfer between your cloud or remote computer systems and local printers and file storage systems.


CirrusPrint runs on Windows, Linux, and many Unix systems. To the local spooling system, it looks just like a set of network printers. Print jobs are sent to the server, and arrive quickly at remote printers. Or use it to distribute your documents safely and efficiently between systems in different locations. CirrusPrint can monitor folders for files, and transfer those files to one or more locations.



A replay of the Seamless Printing from the Cloud webinar can be viewed here.




Informer from Entrinsik


Entrinsik Informer is an agile, web-based reporting business intelligence solution that integrates real-time data from multiple sources without requiring an ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) process. Informer provides easy navigation and dynamic linking across multiple data sources including Microsoft® SQL Server, Informix®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, MySQL, U2™, Google Docs, Excel, data warehouses and more for ad-hoc reporting and data analysis.


Informer’s flexible, highly securable architecture performs queries against LIVE data from source systems using JDBC and ODBC drivers or proprietary connection libraries reducing data latency, minimizing cost and time to deploy, and supporting real-time, fact-based decisions.



For an Informer product tour, please go to our video player seen here.


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