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SLA Times
PriorityDescriptionExamplesResponse TimeResolution Target
P1An issue affecting one or more users within a critical business function for which there is not an acceptable workaround.Data Center outage, major power outage, file/database server down15 min – Issue must be called into Pick Cloud support number.1 hour
P2Performance levels have degraded below acceptable limits, but there exists a workaround.Critical application access issues: Internet access (unrelated to connectivity)30 min - Issue must be called into Pick Cloud support number.2 hours
P3Service degradationConnectivity configuration, password resets, file or application restores2 hours4 hours
P4Usage questions or informational requestsNon-problem related informational requests.4 hours24 hours
Support Contact Information
Pick Cloud Support DeskSupport(949)

*Pick Cloud, Inc. provides support from 8am-5pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday unless otherwise discussed. Customer should always use the Pick Cloud, Inc. support number to obtain urgent support.

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