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ABC Moves to the Cloud and Never Looks Back

ABC Corporation has been serving the state of Hawaii since 1933. The company has grown into what is now a third-generation cleaning product developer, manufacturer, and distributor. They have offices located on each island to serve businesses and institutions statewide.

ABC has been a Pick Cloud customer since inception and in our cloud since 2015. Their initial reason for moving to the cloud was aging hardware and the need to access the server remotely from multiple locations across the Hawaiian Islands.

System Backups

By moving to the cloud, ABC was no longer dependent on tape backups. In the cloud, backups are done disk to disk – no tape hardware is necessary. Prior to moving, if anything happened where they would need to restore from a tape backup and the tape was corrupt or had failed, they would be out of business. “Our business would be done. There would be no way we could have recreated any of it, says Emily Morisada Kuraoka, EVP/COO of ABC Corporation. Now, we don’t have to worry, Pick Cloud handles our backups.” ABC Corporation rests easy knowing their backups are done daily and stored in a different data center, at no additional cost.

Unmatched Customer Service

Pick Cloud’s extraordinary customer service is not matched by larger companies. “Hawaii is 3 hours time difference part of the year and 2 hours difference another part of the year. If I have an issue and I call or text at the end of your day, I get a call back right away. You can be anywhere in the world and you will help me. I don’t think I could get that level of service with a larger company, says Emily Morisada Kuraoka, EVP/COO.”


The server is accessed from multiple Hawaiian Islands and is physically located in The Dalles, Oregon. ABC currently uses D3 Linux, FlashCONNECT, CirrusPrint, and Anzio. They are now able to take advantage of knowing their data is encrypted at rest as well as in transit (to and from the server). ABC has had frequent power outages and the server is not affected.  Application processing speed has increased due in part to the submarine cable that Google owns that makes connecting faster with little or no latency.

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