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Royal Papers’ Decision to Move to the Cloud

This testimonial was provided by Steve Henkel, Director of Information Systems for Royal Papers.

Our decision to move to the cloud was the perfect solution to our rising support costs, aging machine, and complexity of securely connecting from a remote location.  Now we have state of the art hardware (and the improved speed that comes with it), predictable and consistent costs and we can securely connect from anywhere.

Pick Cloud was the natural choice for taking us from our slow, aging Pick/multivalue system to the cloud.  To say that they have been extremely helpful and available would be an understatement.  Every stumbling block we encountered in our conversion was responded to quickly and met with a positive can-do attitude.  They did whatever needed to be done to help us succeed.

The OpenQM DBaaS is far superior to what we came from.  I’m talking orders of magnitude different.  But the most important quality of QM up to this point is their responsiveness.  In 35 years of working with different Pick systems, I’ve never encountered one so eager to see us succeed.  They worked very hard at making sure we never had a reason to prefer our old system.  When they deemed it necessary they even incorporated some new options into QM to help smooth out our transition.

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