Why short term leasing? Why have a long contract in place for a server you only use occasionally? Worse, yet have to pay for another server on premise that you rarely use.


Scenarios for short term server leasing include:


  • Evaluations and proof of concepts
  • Consolidation and migration
  • As a temporary replacement for a server that is briefly out of commission for repairs or diagnostics so you do not lose information or business.
  • Minimize the impact of application changes, software testing or upgrades to avoid compromising production systems.
  • For disaster recovery - ensure business continuity and rent temporary servers to recover from, flood, fire or theft.
  • Flexible test and development environments


Short term leases for short term needs. No long term commitments!


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*Lease a server starting at $10 per day!


What do you get for $10 a day?


  • 1 vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • Up to 60GB of storage
  • Your choice of Windows Server, CentOS or Red Hat Linux
  • Enterprise grade server and equipment
  • Flexibility to pay and use a server when you need it


Do you need to test your DBMS or application updates before going production? End-user testing against your development server is often impractical, and some details are often lost in deployment. This can lead to expensive post-deployment downtime, including roll-backs and re-deployment.


Instead of outlaying monies for a server you may only need to use occasionally, use a Pick Cloud server for the short time required for better pre-production testing, without long term commitments or having to purchase additional licenses.


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*MultiValue license and installation not included and subject to additional charges. Any additional RAM, vCPUs or storage from the above configuration will incur additional daily charges.






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