Why Choose Pick Cloud over other MultiValue Cloud Providers?


Being small has its advantages.


Our approach allows us to provide you with enterprise grade hardware and software without breaking your bank. Don't just take our word for it - try it FREE for 15 days - no commitment required.


In addition to providing our customers enterprise grade hardware, software and first class customer service, we have:


A network of programmers, PICK admins and developers throughout the US with decades of PICK experience.




OpenQM DBaaS for as low as $15 per seat per month!


Pick Cloud in conjunction with Ladybridge Systems were the first and are the only ones in the MultiValue industry to offer a true MultiValue Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution. We offer this for as low as $15 per seat per month. This includes OpenQM license, AccuTerm and a fully hosted managed server.


Short-term Server Leasing


Pick Cloud, Inc. is the only MultiValue cloud provider to offer short-term server leasing for as low as $10 per day with no commitments or set up fees.


Why short term leasing? Why have a long contract in place for a server you only use occasionally? Worse, yet have to pay for another server on premise that you rarely use.


Scenarios for short term server leasing include:


  • Evaluations and proof of concepts
  • Consolidation and migration
  • As a temporary replacement for a server that is briefly out of commission for repairs or diagnostics so you do not lose information or business.
  • Minimize the impact of application changes, software testing or upgrades to avoid compromising production systems.
  • For disaster recovery - ensure business continuity and rent temporary servers to recover from flood, fire or theft.
  • Flexible test and development environments

With access to Google data centers worldwide, Pick Cloud can take advantage of state of the art facilities and security to offer our clients premium hardware and services to power their MultiValue applications.



Secure Cloud Printing with CirrusPrint


CirrusPrint manages and streamlines remote printing and document transfer between your cloud or remote computer systems and local printers and file storage systems. It runs on Windows, Linux and many Unix systems. Offering many features for reducing the cost of printing, it also improves document processes and simplifies printer management. Secure printing is also available via SSL.


Starting at just $30 per month for up to 5 output devices and unlimited clients, secure printing from the cloud has never been easier or more cost effective.



All this and more enables Pick Cloud to provide you with a complete and affordable cloud based solution that fits your needs. Try us FREE for 15 days to see for yourself!





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