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Pick Cloud Receives DBTA Reader's Choice Award!


Pick Cloud, Inc. Announces New Lower Minimum Price for OpenQM DBaaS


MV Vendors Look to Role of MV in the Future - Pick Cloud participated in this DBTA article. You can read more here.


Pick Cloud is proud to announce that we have joined the Google Cloud Compute Platform Technology Partner program. We are exclusively offering Google virtual machines running in Google's innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network. Compute Engine's tooling and work flow support enable scaling from single instances to global, load-balanced cloud computing. This allows Pick Cloud to offer our clients the same availability and security that Google has to offer. Partnering with Google also allows us to make it cost effective for new clients to consider a cloud solution.



Pick Cloud, Inc. named to DBTA's Top 100 Companies that Matter in Data for Fourth Straight Year!


MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems -  via Database Trends and Applications


Five MultiValue Data Management Predictions for 2016


Mark Pick of Pick Cloud, Inc. to be Featured Speaker at Rocket Software's MultiValue University


Pick Cloud, Inc. Launches Short Term Server Leasing For As Low As $15 Per Server Per Day


Pick Cloud, Inc. named to DBTA's Top 100 Companies that Matter in Data for Second Year!


Pick Cloud and Ladybridge Systems to Present Webinar Series


DBTA Q & A with Mark Pick, President and CEO of Pick Cloud


Pick Cloud, Inc. Named to DBTA Trend-Setting Products in Data 2014 List

Introducing OpenQM DBaaS! Pick Cloud, Inc. and Ladybridge Systems, Ltd. have partnered to provide the first true MultiValue DBaaS. It wasn't a reality before. It is now.


Pick Cloud, Inc. Named to DBTA Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data



Stay tuned for upcoming events in a city near you!




Stay tuned for upcoming events.




Mark Pick (pictured left) at a recent Google Cloud conference held in Irvine, CA.


Mark was there learning more about Google's premium private infrastructure - the fastest in the world. Google also talked about their data centers - efficiency, security and locations all over the world. Pretty amazing stuff!




Thanks to everyone who attended the D3 Hot Backup Webinar - Why You Need It and Can't Survive Without It. A BIG thank you to Bryan Glassick and Brian Cram from Rocket Software who presented with us. The recording from this webinar is available here.


Pick Cloud was proud to announce we participated in Rocket Software's MVU in Las Vegas, NV at Harrah's Hotel and Casino from October 5-8, 2015. The crossword puzzle contest is now over. The winner was Robert Burke of Rocket Software. Congratulations Robert!


Thanks to all who came to the July 15, 2015 OCMUG - #PICKis50 from Timeshare to Software as a Service (SaaS) in a data center!


Pick Users of Florida (PUOF) Meeting -  Mark Pick presented 50 Years of PICK/MultiValue - from Timeshare to Cloud at the inaugural PUOF meeting Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Big thanks to KLX Aerospace Solutions for hosting and Susan Joslyn for coordinating.


CMUG - January 13, 2015 - Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting. A big THANK YOU to Rocket Software for hosting and Dan Schmitt for putting the meeting together. The topic was "Why Cost Doesn't Have to be a Four Letter Word, But You Can't Buy Your Cloud at Best Buy Either." For more details about all CMUG meetings, please visit the CMUG website.


Thanks to everyone who attended our Introduction to OpenQM - A Tour of Benefits and Features webinar. The recording is available here. A big thanks to Martin Phillips for the demonstration. If you would like a PDF of the presentation, contact us and we will send you a copy. Congratulations to Dennis Kendall of October Hill Software for winning the $25 Amazon gift card!

We had a great time at the International Spectrum Conference and  Exhibition. Check out our thoughts on the show here. For some pictures of the show go to our Facebook page.  You can see all the social media activity from the show here.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Ten Things You Didn't Know About AccuTerm 7 webinar. Special thanks goes to Pete Schellenbach for showing us the power of Accuterm. The webinar recording is available here. Want a copy of the presentation? Contact us and we will send one to you. Congrats to William Sefcik for winning the $25 Amazon gift card.


A BIG thanks to all who attended the January 14, 2014 CMUG meeting. Congratulations to Kevin King who won the iTunes gift card!


Entrinsik's third annual ICON user conference was an opportunity to network with other Informer users, learn how to utilize Informer to its fullest extent, extract mission critical data real-time and more! Attendees also saw upcoming new features in Informer 4.4, as well as shared creative ways they use the Informer product.  The conference was a great success and a testament to Entrinsik, their Informer product and their happy, loyal customer base.


Mark Pick gave the keynote address entitled Cloud Computing - Why Should I? Craze or Here to Stay? His keynote stressed that if you aren't already looking at the cloud you should be, as that is where technology is headed. You need to adapt if you want to stay competitive.





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